DJI Osmo Pocket Two Months Later: The Good, the Bad and the Top Accessories

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Welcome to the DJI Osmo pocket review based on almost 2 months of usage.
Let's see what is worth saying about it!

The Osmo pocket arrives in a small box, and doesn't come with a lot of accessories, except the hard-case carrying box.

No need to mention that stabilization with this gimbal has a lot of benefits versus EIS. Especially in low light. The size definitely does matter – because of the small scale and the lack of counterweight, if you are used to deal with larger gimbals and heavy cameras, your hand will have to adapt to the new situation and while you are improving your hand-holding skills – the footage may seem a bit … jumpy.
There are different shooting modes, including time lapse, slow motion. The gimbal could be used in modes, and I tend to like a lot the FPV mode, especially for vlogging. You may find the option for selfie mode – allowing you to record and at the same time see yourself. There also is control of the following speed – which is the reaction time between your movements and the compensation.
Few days before publishing the video, DJI has released a firmware update that brings support for D-cinelike – which allows better post-processing and color grading and captures dynamic range in a better way.

Most of the people are talking about the good, not too many dare to speak about the bad… Well – autofocus. Quite bad!
Slow motion is up to 120fps on Full HD - and this could have been better...
Timelapse is the next point. The good news is that you can create wonderful motion lapses thanks to the gimbal. The bad news is that other than that you won’t achieve anything significant – I am mostly upset because of the lack of hyperlapse-like feature. Even if you do something like hyperlapse, which on theory should work well on a gimbal, it looks HORRIBLE. This is where gopro simply smashes the osmo pocket with the feature time warp. And this is where electronic image stabilization – which is mostly software driven and happens at post-processing beats the fun out of the Osmo pocket – comes to prove that while high bitrates are there, the hero 7 firmware code is way more advanced.

At the start I mentioned accessories. And here are three awesome ideas. If you follow my videos you know that I try to be as reasonable as possible about purchasing accessories.
It has no tripod mount. So you have to buy one. Online there already are plenty of models that are 3d-primted – and they are just fine.
The second thing I got is this bike bracket. It was one of the very early models, so it was not that great. But I have the feeling that if you manage to attach it well to a bike this could be fabulous! No real bike footage from me as lately it is mostly snowy.
And, of course – having control over ISO, exposure and shutter speed makes it almost necessary to get filters. Here’s a pack of 8. Price is still a bit steep, and you may go for the cheaper packs – but I truly loved these by Freewell. Mostly because of that: yeah – magnet based quick release filters – the easiest kind of mounting, and there is no way them to fall down.

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