Marvel Theory: Did Thanos Use The Soul Stone RIGHT Before The Snap?

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Prior to the events of 2018's Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans had absolutely no idea where the Soul Stone was.

Guesses included that it was in Wakanda, in the possession of Heimdall, inside Odin's eye socket, with the newly-created Adam Warlock, that the Eternal Flame was the Soul Stone, and even the idea that Captain America himself, Steve Rogers, was the human incarnation of the powerful object.

As it turns out, nobody was ever going to guess right, as it was actually on a previously unexplored planet called Vormir - where it was revealed that the Red Skull was its guardian.

But we didn't seem to get a look at Thanos using it - at least not on its own - so we don't really have any idea about what it's capable of.

Or do we?

In this video, we'll be looking into the idea that Thanos used the Soul Stone before our very eyes, not long before he headed to Earth and enacted the Decimation.

It's based on the fact that, after Thanos used the Power Stone to blast Star-Lord, Drax and Nebula, their bodies went limp as if they'd died.

Then, if you look closely, you'll see the Soul Stone glowing just after that, which suggests he used it to bring them back to life (given that they didn't actually die at that point).

Could it be that, by that point, Thanos was so close to the Decimation that he wanted THAT to decide who died, rather than murdering people directly? It's certainly possible!

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