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The DC Comics character Shazam was originally called Captain Marvel and was created by a company called Fawcett Comics . Marvel also has a few characters by the name Captain Marvel as well, most notably being Carol Danvers. So who actually owns the name "Captain Marvel"? More specifically, how did the trademark slip through DC's grasp and end up in the hands of the folks over at Marvel? Today, we're learning about the interesting history and legal issues surrounding the Captain Marvel copyright and trademark in comics to see what really happened!

For the record, I know that Shazam is an acronym. I had written that in the original script but cut it out because it didn't flow well in the final draft. My point is that it's weird to me that "Shazam" originated in this comic and wasn't taken from somewhere else. It's too perfect of a word!!!

Watch the History of Shazam by VariantComics:

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