Thanos Will Be In Marvel's Eternals Movie In Phase 4

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You thought the Marvel Universe was done with Thanos? We did too, but mounting evidence points to that not being the case. Our favourite Grimace impersonator may be dead for now, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing him again sometime soon.

Rumor has it that the big purple one may even pop up in the upcoming Eternals film, slated for Marvel’s Phase 4. How exactly will that happen? We have a theory, but we want you to watch the video to see it, so we’re gonna go on a tangent.

The Eternals follows in a long Marvel tradition of picking directors from smaller films, and giving them a shot at a big blockbuster. Thor Ragnarok snagged Taika Watiti, fresh off critically acclaimed indie comedies like What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and Black Panther picked up Ryan Coogler, who made festival darling Fruitvale Station and the mid-budget Rocky sequel Creed.

For the Eternals, Marvel hired Chloe Zhao, who last year swept the festival circuit with her drama The Rider. Truly a hidden gem, The Rider follows a Native American rodeo cowboy named Brady, who is still recovering from a nasty head injury. Another injury could be catastrophic for Brady’s brain, and this leaves him at a difficult crossroads. Can he return to the sport he loves, one that seems, at first glance, to define him? Or can he bear to stay away from it for his own safety?

We really like The Rider, is our main point, and we’re excited to see what Chloe Zhao does with The Eternals. For more on the film and Thanos’ potential involvement, check out the full video.

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