CLOTTED CREAM Recipe Cornish Clotted Cream - HOW TO MAKE Clotted Cream Tutorial

CLOTTED CREAM Recipe, Cornish Clotted Cream - HOW TO MAKE Clotted Cream Tutorial, in this video I will show you a simple easy recipe for making CHEAP CORNISH clotted cream at home. No need to BUY Clotted Cream. This is a great clotted cream idea and saves you having to BUY Clotted cream by POST. Delicious, Easy and simple to follow step by step instructions in this HOW TO Tutorial. Cornish, Devon or Devonshire clotted cream it's all made the same way. This is a traditional Cornish method for making it. In this video I also show a Cornish Sunset, high up from the moors.

From The Video:

Hi it’s British cook, welcome back if your new to the channel have a look at the other videos.

This video is all about how to make Clotted Cream I'm really really excited!

It's so simple this stuff cost you £3- £3.50 in the shops, you can make it at home so quickly so usually it's so simple it is brilliant!

Your really going enjoy this video, so please watch it and please please share this with all your friends or family post it to Facebook, in a forum wherever you want, let people know how easy it is to make Clotted Cream and how cheap it is!

Just look at this Cornish Clotted Cream a whole bowl full! So easy, let's get to it!

This is brilliant if you live outside of Devon or Cornwall or live somewhere abroad where sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to get a bit of that Cornish delicious goodness.

This is brilliant and there's no waste!

Just think about how much money you can save by doing this,share this video with your friends and family let them all see how simple it's really is.

You want double cream or America they call it heavy cream or if you use cream as well again the same as butter recipe your looking for a high fat percentage, the higher the fat percentage the more Clotted Cream your going to get.

So you can see this is not a complicated recipe.

Let me just show you this amazing sunset from tonight up on the moors in Cornwall, the winds blowing the suns shining, just have a look at this

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees Celsius put the cream in the pan in the middle of the oven and leave it there That moving it for about 10 to 12 hours don't open the oven door don't let the heat out...let it do is thing.

Everything with today's Society tells us not leave things in the warm but this is actually how it works this is how clotted cream is actually made.

When you take the cream out you need to be quite careful not to mix it all up again so carry it as it is and need to put it in the fridge somewhere cold from at least 8 hours my suggestion if you want the Clotted Cream the next day it's quite simple what you do is you cook it at 10 o'clock in the morning that's why I've done I'm putting in at 10 o'clock in the morning I'm going to take it out at 10 o'clock at night and I'm going to put the fridge overnight and when tomorrow morning comes I'm going to have a whole load of clotted cream.
If you're from Devon or Cornwall or anywhere across the UK across the world let me know how you put your scone together do you put the cream on first and the jam on top or to put the jam on first and the cream on top? Very serious matter, this one… let me know down below.

So simple so fast so easy and so cheap it's a massive amount of cream look at that from that creepy we put an overnight this is so just tried it so creamy thick it tastes brilliant so this is a fantastic recipe

Ok so we've got basically what you got the cream on top and then underneath that you've got a thin liquid a liquid can be used for baking for bread or for putting in things that's the cream on top you see it all coming off lovely. I've got a second batch of cream here and what am I doing show you just how to get different way.

Look at all that Clotted cream, look at that delicious freshly made clotted cream Cornish clotted cream delicious obviously creamy amazing! #ClottedCream #Britishcook #BritishCooking