YES - I accepted every Gear Offer for 1 month... Mega Review

I get dozens of emails from companies wanting to send out gear for me to look at. For one month - I said YES to every offer, and I am going to look at it all with you now.


Linpa T2 earbuds:
Linpa M1 headphones:
"Tripod" - 82" lightstand with phone holder:
Underwater T300 speaker:
T2610 soundbar:
Retro Speaker:
Viltrox Round LED light:
Larger LED with barndoors:
FOTGA HD field monitor (LUTS):
Geekoto tripod:
Comica Dual mic kit:
Menik focusing spotlight:
Falcon Eyes 300w super LED light:

I hope it goes without saying, none of these companies paid me, I am under no obligations and everything said was my full and honest opinion.

Every day I get dozens, even hundreds of emails. And, I assume like everyone with an audience, a large number are from companies wanting to send out gear for me to look at. Some of it is relevant and something I know my audience will want to hear about. Often it is not at all... and VERY often these offers to "REVIEW" the product are really requests to promote and sell their products - incentivized with freebies and deals... This ranges from tiny start up companies, to big brand names you would know well - offering to either
- send something for 'free' in return for 'a review'
- offering to pay for a 'review'
- wanting to do a giveaway etc.

My standard is clear. A review cannot be paid. If it is paid, it's a promotion. If it is something low value were I am confident the value of the equipment is not skewing my opinion to being biassed, then I will sometimes keep what has been sent - and I don't consider that as payment per se. I make it clear that I will give my full, honest opinion, that they have no right to direct or comment on my review, and that my loyalty is to the audience, not the manufacturer. And the companies are welcome to collect the gear and take it back....

But its like robocalls. The more times you accept an offer, it seems the volume of requests doubles... Meantime, smaller channels, understandably needing content, will take the 'free gear' and make the 'review'. Likewise many bigger channels seem fine with taking high value items without disclosure, even taking payment for 'reviews'... viewer discretion is advised.