Destiny 2 - SECRET WHISPERS FOUND! Hive Infestation, Calus' True Form, MORE!

Hey Guardians! Today we discuss what may be hiding behind that Vault door aboard the Levithan. The new raid emblem and trailer screenshots depict hive imagery, but also look vex in origin. Will Quria Blade Transform be the Raid boss in Crown Of Sorrow? Also we discuss the secret whispers guardians have been hearing in Cabal concentrated areas! What does it mean? And who's sending these messages?

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“Destiny 2 Quria Blade Transform"
“Destiny 2 Crown Of Sorrow Hive"
“Destiny 2 Whispers On The Leviathan"
“Destiny 2 Secrets"
“Destiny 2 Opulence Secrets"
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Thanks for watching! Im Evade and ill catch ya in the next one :)