Co-Stars Who Hated Each Other In Real Life

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Every job has that one coworker everyone avoids like the plague. Well, it turns out that working in Hollywood is just like any other job, and some celebrities have earned a serious reputation among their co-stars—so much so, that other actors don't ever want to work with them again. Let's take a look at some of the most infamous co-star beefs, and how they got started...

Julia Roberts vs Nick Nolte | 0:21
James Franco vs Tyrese Gibson | 0:58
Shannen Doherty vs everyone | 1:47
Richard Gere vs Sylvester Stallone | 2:42
Robert Downey Jr. vs Terrence Howard | 3:26
Kevin Smith vs Bruce Willis | 4:19
Julianna Margulies vs Archie Panjabi | 5:17
Bette Davis vs Joan Crawford | 5:53

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