Frozen 2: What Really Happened To Kristoff's Parents

The Real Reason Kristoff Was Raised By The Trolls
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Hey there Disney fans! If you're like us, you probably think that "Frozen" is one of the best movies ever. We love Elsa and Anna's inspiring relationship, and can't get over how enchanting the Kingdom of Arendelle is. From magical princesses to real-life trolls, to lively snowmen and back again! Nothing is impossible in the magical world of "Frozen." But, that hasn't stopped us from raising a curious eyebrow or two whenever the subject of Kristoff's family arises.

Kristoff is a bit of a fixer-upper. He's super sweet and helpful, but he isn't exactly chummy with humans. He was raised in an orphanage but couldn't bear to live among other orphans. So, the adventurous and free-spirited Sami outdoorsman ran away and found his tribe. He was raised by a female troll named Bulda, who lives among a colony of mystical trolls. Kristoff's past is a mystery, and we're determined to unravel it. Tune into TheThings to find out what really happened to Kristoff’s parents.

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