25 Game Of Thrones Mistakes That Slipped Through

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For such a detailed show, Game of Thrones isn’t without its mistakes overlooked issues. Not just story-wise, where characters can seemingly travel insurmountable distances in days, hours, and minutes; entire fleets can transport from one side of the continent to the other; and humans can somehow survive against insurmountable odds when lead characters used to be killed in an instant. But, hey, that’s the world of Thrones. Westeros is a place where anything can and does usually happen, and that includes continuity errors and bloopers galore. So join ScreenRant as cull the seven kingdoms for these 25 mistakes that made it through the editing room and south of the wall undetected.

Obviously, we’re going to dive deep into that coffee cup catastrophe, but that’s not the only infamous dinner disaster this side of the Red Wedding on our list. There’s also mismatched wigs and hairdos, an extra wearing jeans, a president’s likeness used in a tasteless fashion, an incorrect sigil used in an opening credits sequence, a charger visible under a dying king, an unplanned email notification, a rubber sword, a character’s inconsistent bathtub moment, an unsheathable weapon, a misnamed castle, a magic necklace and a mystical pot of gold. Plus, we’ll delve into Catelyn’s disappearing hand, Ramsay’s disappearing hounds, Brienne’s alternating height, Gilly’s ageless baby, Tommen’s jump in age, stone-punching zombies, Mounting-hunting hounds, and climate-changing capitals. And it’s all here, on ScreenRant. So mount your trusty steed, keep your eyes peeled and join us on this journey into HBO’s land that continuity forgot!

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