10 Popular Actors FIRED For The Craziest Reasons

10 Popular Actors FIRED From Their Own Movies
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Just because they are rich, famous and sometimes even powerful celebrities, it doesn’t mean actors cannot be fired. They’re rich, famous and seem to have it all so it’s hard to imagine powerful celebrities It probably happens a lot more than you’d think. And sometimes it is a lot worse than you’d imagine. Say, for instance, you’re an actor or actress who has filmed all your scenes and the director has a last-minute epiphany that you just aren’t right for the role. Whether it is a contract problem, money issue or simply not being a good fit, getting fired is not fun situation to be in. Check out these 10 actors who were fired during production.

Script by: William Cannon

Voice Over by: David Macri

Edited by: Martin B. @HandCraftedCine


Edward Norton in The Avengers | 0:49
Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2 | 1:26
Stuart Townsend in Lord of the Rings | 2:11
Megan Fox in Transformers | 2:48
Anne Hathaway in Knocked Up | 3:22
Dougray Scott in X-Men | 3:54
Sean Young in Batman | 4:21
Ryan Gosling in The Lovely Bones| 4:44
James Purefoy in V for Vendetta | 5:17
Amanda Seyfried in As the World Turns | 5:40

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