❝Titanic❞ Aladdin x Ariel ft. Gaston

I'm doneeeeeeeeeeee! I've rendered this like 20 times! Every time I rendered this, a new glitch would show up! So whatever! Here it is anyway!
Anyway, I've done so much research on the Titanic over the last month, that it actually inspired me to make a video xD The Titanic is such a fascinating story, and it's so tragic.
This video pretty much fallows the 1997 Titanic movie, with a little differences :)
Jack Dawson: Aladdin
Rose Dewit Bukater: Ariel
Caledon Hockley: Gaston

-Aladdin sees Ariel, on the Titanic and is smitten
-Aladdin tries to stop Ariel and Gaston's fight, but Gaston hits him
-Ariel invites Aladdin to dinner, and he accepts
-At dinner, Gaston tries to make Aladdin look bad, and fails xD
-Later that night, Ariel and Aladdin are alone, with Gaston hunting Aladdin
-The ship hits an ice burg, all 3 of them fall off.
-Aladdin is swept away
-The Carpathia shows up and rescues the survivors, including Ariel
-Aladdin is not found
-Years later, Ariel is an old woman, who has kept their picture
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(I can't find the Gaston picture anymore :( If someone know's let me know please)
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