Child Stars Who Are Unrecognizably Gorgeous Now

These pint-sized performers were undeniably cute and precocious, as child stars tend to be. But they've grown up to become unrecognizably gorgeous, transforming into action stars, musicians, and everything in between.

Jonathan Lipnicki rose to fame as the adorable bespectacled kid in 1996's Jerry Maguire.

He also appeared in Like Mike and the Stuart Little movies, but he struggled with his stardom during his teen years. Though he's consistently landed roles since his child acting days, being a famous kid was rough for the young star. As he revealed on Instagram,

"As a kid/teen, I was made fun of relentlessly by some people. I was told I was a has-been and would never book a job again. I was made to feel like garbage every day of middle school to the point where I had a panic attack every night before school, because I wondered how I would get through the next day."

Fortunately, Lipnicki has put his self-doubt behind him, and his brand new confident exterior is unrecognizable from the adorable kid he used to be. Not only is he still acting, but he's also managed to become a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has some major muscles to show off from his hard work. And yes, he finally graduated from braces!

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