The S.S. Anne got its own 3D Pokemon Board Game? | Gnoggin

Back in the first generation of Pokemon, Pokemon Fever was high as heck! So there were SEVERAL Pokemon board games of course! And this one is in 3D! What does that even mean? This is our Let's Play of Pokemon S.S. Anne the Board Game.

Oh! also Mr. Beard here is Josh. He's not on camera most of the time, but he's still a MASSIVE part of this channel. Just usually behind the scenes.

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Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!