BTS Jungkook enduring PAIN after a LIFE was saved because of him and still chose to perform for ARMY

One of the reasons why we are supporting Jungkook and all the members of BTS is that their dedication to us, ARMY, is strong.
Jungkook did not know how long he can handle the pain but to endure it was the only choice he had.

Don't worry, ARMY, we all know that Jungkook is perfectly fine now. This incident was 2 years ago and gladly, both of them were not hurt badly.

I made a compilation of this incident because I wanted everyone to know that Jungkook did not just save a life at that time (October 08, 2016), he also fought the pain as long as he can and showed us the Jeon Jungkook we used to see on stage. Like their BTS: Wings Tour in Chile, he also chose the ARMY and BTS instead of his condition.

Let's pour them love, support, and protection. They truly deserve it.


Never forget to love yourself, and try to encourage others to feel the same way too.

Keep voting for BTS!! 💜

Correction: It was the DMC Festival, not DCM Festival
Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, BTS!
(Sorry...I made this video at 2 am so please excuse me for so many flaws)

For those who are looking for Namjoon, an ARMY said that RM had a leg injury and had to sit/rest for a couple weeks at that time.

We pray for their safety, always.

Thank you for watching.

Credits are also at the end of this video.

Smyang Tutorials for Euphoria piano version

Jungkook's 1:05 youtube/

BTS 5:19 credits to Ekha Nurviyanti

1:18 credits to GGu3net

1:40 credits to TV-People

BTS Dance rehearsal credits to HEADLINER

Watch the original upload (Jungkook Focus "Fire") by More than Ever,

And there's a clip of BTS with the MC but without the presence of Jungkook. watch it here

I know it's long, but thank for your patience reading. Once again, thank you. :)