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Infinity War broke all the records on its opening weekend, which means that most of you have seen the movie by now more than likely. With the shocking film out, many fans have now started turning to the future and speculating about where Avengers 4 will go. Some of the theories make sense, like Captain Marvel wielding the Time Stone to undo the famous finger snap. Others are a bit more out there. For instance, what if the movie sets up Black Panther 2’s villain? The throne is empty and Namor might show up as both an ally and a villain. With the Fox/Disney merger almost signed, there’s a definite possibility that the Fantastic Four could show up late in the game akin to Spider Man’s last minute addition in Civil War. Some theories think that all those who were dusted at the finale aren’t really dead but housed inside the Soul Gem, which means the Avengers have a way to restore them. Speaking of the Soul Gem, we saw Gamora there and she might be the MCU’s answer to Lady Death, a character Thanos wishes to please in the comics. Part of the tension of the dusting scene was lost knowing that Spider Man Homecoming 2 will happen, well what if that movie is a prequel to Infinity War? Civil War showed us some new tech from Tony Stark that allowed memories to become augmented realities. Will that play a role in Avengers 4? With half the heroes gone, who's to say that the Skrulls from the Captain Marvel film won’t take over the Earth akin to Secret Wars? Is that the title of the film?? Ant Man and the Wasp will explore the Quantum Realm, is that the solution to beating Thanos?

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