8 Fun & Unique Cake Decoration Hacks That Will Impress Kids Of All Ages

Cake - what a wonderful way to treat yourself and others. Everybody loves them, kids, adults, pandas - you name it!
This time Hungry Panda is showing you 8 amazing ways to make & decorate cake! From a lava shooting volcano to a beehive filled with buzzing bees, check out all the crazy things we turned into delicious cake!

0:00 Gummy Beach Party Cake
1:14 Gravity Defying M&M's Cake
2:48 Volcano Nutella Cake
3:49 Droplet Cake
4:58 Candy Bar Fireplace Cake
6:21 Chocolate Hedgehog Cake
7:30 Honeycomb Bee Cake
9:12 Chocolate Snail Cake

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