The Best Steadycam of 2019? [Wildcat III]

There are plenty of stabilizers out there. So why choose the new Wildcat Mark III steadicam? Let's figure out in this video. You can get this steadycam here:

Five awesome things with the Wild Cat Mark III steadycam.
1. You can fold the legs to make it small and compact for traveling.
2. Since the legs create a triangle, you can place it on the ground without fearing that it will tip over.
3. You can adjust the handle to your prefered position.
4 You get an arm support with the product, which will make the whole setup feel easier.
5. You get a nice and practical bag with it.

So should you get yourself the Wild Cat mark III? Well, the answer is quite simple: If you want a good and affordable steadycam, this is it. Especially the aluminum version which can handle cameras up to 3kilos and which costs only 280 dollars. Just remember again that steadycams are harder to operate then gimbals, so you would need some practice. I believe that this steadycam is the perfect tool to practice and become the master of steadycam. Good luck!

You can get the iFootage WildCat MIII here:

Video we made about Yelangu s60t, where I show how to balance a steadycam:


The next Filmmakers World Cup points have been given and there is a new filmmaking challenge waiting for you! Go to to check it out and join! The ones with the most score will get prizes like the Wild Cat steadycam. This season of Filmmakers World cup will end around April 2019. So it’s not too late to join!

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