25 Years of DOOM

Times change. DOOM is Eternal. Join the brand-new official DOOM fan club now at https://beth.games/2Pug9eF

A quarter century has passed since DOOM was released to the unsuspecting masses. More than two decades later the franchise has spawned multiple sequels, spin-off titles, films, comics, and cemented itself as part of the pop culture lexicon. Over the next year we’re celebrating 25 years of ripping and tearing. Twenty-five years of mods, gibs, guns, and the most passionate, unwavering, and ardent fan base this side of Phobos. Whether you cut your teeth in 1993 or if DOOM (2016) was your first trip to Hell, we’re asking all DOOM Slayers past, present, and future to unite in celebrating one of entertainment’s most iconic franchises. Welcome to the Year of DOOM.

Join the brand-new official DOOM fan club now at https://beth.games/2Pug9eF. Just for signing up, you'll receive an exclusive 25th Anniversary Zombie DOOM Slayer skin to be used in DOOM Eternal when it launches. Stay tuned to the site for more details on how to participate in the Year of DOOM, including information on exclusive content, rewards, events, contests, and much more.

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ESRB RATING: Mature with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language


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