Avengers: Endgame is 3 Hours Long - Too Long, Too Short? - Collider Live #102

It's Thursday here at Collider Live and you know what that means! Well, it just means today's show happens to fall on a Thursday. Not everything's supposed to be a surprise. Life's full of disappointments. ANYWHO, on today's show, we're talking about some more Avengers: Endgame stuff because why not? We also have Marta Milans from Shazam coming into studio! We'll go into the news and whatnot and people will laugh at things and Cody will probably zoom in on somebody's face without them knowing. Fun times!

7:00 Kristian’s texts to Reilly
14:45 Back to the Zack Snyder thing
20:55 Kristian’s kid kept him awake again
23:00 People want their own shirts
31:00 Angelina Jolie in talks for The Eternals
35:00 Brett’s very passionate about Dora the Explorer
39:30 The Oscars might go with no host again next year
50:40 Some more Us talk
1:10:00 Avengers: Endgame is going to be 3 hours long
1:27:03 Marta Milans joins us in studio!

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