Best Survival Tin Kit//Esee Survival Mess Tin homemade kit

In this in depth episode we dig into a homemade Survival tin Kit centered around the esee mess tin..Similar kit can be made in trangia mess kit

2L yellow stuff sack
pencil,pen and 4x6 waterproof paper
marking tape,fox 40 whistle and signal mirror
water tablets and whirl pak water bags
silva explorer compass and AMK heatsheets space blanket
mini bic lighter,tinder quicks and UST sparkwheel
Petzl E light headlamp and Nitecore Tube
Orange Micro paracord and #36 bankline
24G brass wire,Duct tape and Tenacious tape
tea Lights(2) and aluminum foil 6 square feet
leatherman signal and derma safer razor blade
boo-boob kit and feel good pills