❝Be Somebody❞ Jasmine x Miguel

I like working with Jasmine, even though her hair annoys me sometimes xD And I believe this is a first for me working with Charming, so yay!
-Miguel, a street rat, sees Princess Jasmine out greeting the residence.
-And it's love at first sight.
-Later that night, Miguel sneaks into the palace to see Jasmine, which is not creepy at all because it's true love.... -_-
-Their reunion is interrupted by Jas's father, so Miguel has to ran away before he's seen
-The Sultan tells Jas that she is to marry Prince Charming, which Jas is not happy about
-Jas sneaks away to see Miguel again.
-Later on, she tells him that she is going to be married soon, and something happens ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Sultan discovers Jas missing and orders the guards to find her.
-Thinking Miguel took Jas, they arrested him
-Jas makes a deal that if she marries Charming, Miguel is to be set free
-Sultan agrees, and lets Miguel go
-Miguel is looking on as Jas is getting married and is upset
-The end~
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► Video: Road to El Dorado, Aladdin 1+3, Enchanted Tales, Cinderella 3
►Coloring by: CCK95, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az-5pADqTjM
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