The Pokemon Category CHALLENGE! | Gnoggin - Stupid Pokemon Categories

Today Lockstin and Josh Challenge each other to guess Pokemon based on their category. But what is a Pokemon category? a needless thing Game Freak added unnecessarily. Pokemon categories are sometimes really stupid. Why not guess along with us in the comments?

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Gnoggin is where gamers and geeks use their heads. Discovering the science behind various aspects of games. Developing one video game theory after another. We focus more on games like Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, (pretty much Nintendo) but we also go through other games from time to time as well! Even comic books and a film theory from time to time. From Minecraft to Halo, lets explore the psychology of many characters, the anatomy of mythical races, and the technology of fantasy worlds. Click that Subscribe and Bell button to get your bi-weekly dose of brain exercise for nerds.