5 More Blockbuster NBA Trades That Could Shake Up The 2019 NBA Draft

We are two days away from the 2019 NBA Draft & there could be some significant NBA trades that go down before & during the draft. The 2019 NBA offseason got off to a hot start as the Los Angeles Lakers completed a blockbuster trade for Anthony Davis. That was the first major NBA trade of the offseason & there could be more to come. Will the Washington Wizards shop Bradley Beal on the NBA trade market? Could the New Orleans Pelicans turn around and trade some of their new acquisitions such as Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and the #4 overall pick?

The Chicago Bulls & Atlanta Hawks are reportedly trying to move up in the NBA draft to land a player who will have an immediate impact in 2019. Will the Bulls trade with the Pelicans to move up from #7 overall into the top 5? Are the Hawks willing to trade the #8 & #10 overall picks to move up into the top 5? It has been reported that the Houston Rockets are willing to complete a roster overhaul in order to improve the team in 2019. Does that mean they could trade some of their best players such as Chris Paul, Clint Capela or Eric Gordon? Will the Cavs try to find a trade suitor for Kevin Love? Find out on the latest edition of NBA Now!

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Here are all 5 potential blockbuster NBA trades that could shake up the 2019 NBA Draft:

#1: Grizzlies - Pelicans Trade
Grizzlies Get: Lonzo, #4 overall pick & future 1st-rounder
Pelicans Get: #2
#2: Pelicans - Wizards Trade
Pelicans Get: Bradley Beal
Wizards Get: #4 pick, Brandon Ingram, Solomon Hill, Kenrich Williams & Dairis Bertans
#3: Bulls-Pelicans Trade
Bulls Get: #4 overall pick
Pelicans Get: #7 overall pick, Protected Future 1st
#4: Cavs-Hawks Trade Draft Picks:
Hawks Get: #5 overall pick
Cavs Get: #8, #10 overall picks
#5: 3-way-trade between Hawks - Rockets - Bulls
Hawks Get: Clint Capela, Eric Gordon
Hawks Give: Kent Bazemore, Allen Crabbe, #8 pick, #17 pick, #35 pick, #44 pick
Rockets Get: Kevin Love, Kent Bazemore, #44 overall pick, #17 overall pick
Rockets Give: Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker, Michael Frazier
Cavs Get: Allen Crabbe, PJ Tucker, Michael Frazier, #8 overall pick, #35 overall pick
Cavs Give: Kevin Love

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