Frozen 2 Theory: Elsa Is Just One Of Four Superpowered Princesses

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Elsa, Anna, and the gang may not have had a lot to say in the Frozen
2 teaser trailer -- actually they said nothing at all -- but we sure
did upon seeing some glorious new footage from the upcoming Disney sequel. When we weren’t cheering on Elsa to cross the massive ocean waves -- or immediately drawing back to Moana’s same struggles -- we were analyzing EVERY. SINGLE. PIXEL on the screen. Move over Olaf, we’ve got some new theories to explore!

While Elsa’s ice powers were on full display, there could have been some major hints that she won’t be the ONLY powerful being in Frozen 2. Actually, there may be a total of FOUR Superpowered Princesses filling up the screen. But how?! And why?! Well, come for a journey to Arendelle and we’ll show you exactly what we’re talking about!

Upon first sight, one of the major takeaways from the Frozen 2
trailer are all the colors! The icy white and blues from the first
Frozen trailer have been eliminated and replaced with the glorious
colors of autumn. Clearly, there’s a new season abound, but the
falling leaves and dark red hues may have a lot more meaning than
just so new visuals or Disney showing off their animation skills. The
ties into autumn could reflect the emergence of a whole new power --
coming from someone other than Elsa. Watch to see this whole theory unfold!

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