I Sue Illegal Telemarketers that call me & Collect Money Damages

I sue illegal telemarketers who call me & Collect Money Damages

My phone is under siege with telemarketers
They disrupt my day
I am on the do not call list and they still call
I asked one who called me repeatedly “why are you calling me after I told you to stop”, Her reply, “Your request was declined”.
I was furious, But what can I do?
They are flagrantly violating the law. But why.
Simple they are making a killing.

My solution
I learned that federal law and my own state law allows me to sue the illegal telemarketers in my own local court and collect money damages from them.
I will admit , in the beginning I had some reservations about suing and collecting money from telemarketers but my options are limited.
Putting myself on the do not call list has no effect.
I could file a complaint with the FTC who is so overworked I would never hear from them.
Or I could sue them and make them pay.
If they are going to ignore the law and make my phone ring, then I’m going to make them pay.
And I started to learn every thing I could about how to sue illegal telemarketers.
I spent some time in my local civil court to watch and understand the process.
I found its very user friendly and user friendly and I did not even need an attorney.
I learned I can collect fixed statutory damages of $500 per violation and $1500 per violation for willful intent. That’s per violation, not per call. My average illegal telemarketing call has 3 violation, and at least one with willful intent.
I have a friend who is an attorney, who told me I can sue them in local court with out an attorney, but if I had any questions I could ask him. He even chuckled and said, it sounds like you have learned more about suing telemarketers than the average attorney anyway.
About 2 years ago I started investigating and suing
The most challenging part is the investigation. They hide their identity until they think they have you sold. They even use fake caller ID.
So far I have a very high success rate, in fact 75% do not want to go to trial and explain whey they violated the law and offered to settle out of court.
My friends started asking me how I did it.
Then the idea struck me.
I could put together a series of videos going over the step by step process I used.
Now I'm not a lawyer, I don't even play one on TV. So I can not give legal advise. I'm not recommending you take any course of action, but if you watch my videos and feel inspired, then do your own research, even have a meeting with an attorney in your area and ask him if your plan and strategy is sound.
Before I stated the long process of producing the videos, I thought it would be a good idea of doing this video the gauge the interest.
So, If you are interested in hearing about how I investigate the illegal telemarketing calls, and collect damages, please leave a comment