Actors Who Needed To Be Digitally Enhanced For Their Roles

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Filmmakers today can bring just about anything to life using state of the art digital effects. Whether it's exploding space stations or giant transforming robots, if you can imagine it, the movie industry can spare a couple hundred million to put it up on the big screen. But all that technology can also be used for decidedly more mundane purposes - like making an actor's body parts look bigger or erasing embarrassing tattoos. In fact, the movie industry's top effects animators are often hard at work adding and subtracting tiny elements that may never be noticed by most filmgoers. Here's a look at some actors whose real-life features had to be digitally altered for the movies...

Dakota Johnson | 0:39
Nicolas Cage | 1:34
Kristian Nairn | 2:36
Paul Reubens | 3:25
The cast of Glee | 4:12
Jessica Alba | 4:50
Claire Danes | 5:28
Chris Evans | 6:37
Guy Henry & Ingvild Deila | 7:53
Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen | 8:57
Kurt Russell | 9:44
Robert Downey Jr. | 10:59

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