Sacrifices That Game Of Thrones Actors Had To Make

Since it premiered on HBO in the spring of 2011, Game of Thrones has become a worldwide smash. Many stars of the show have skyrocketed to fame, but over the course of making the series, they've also encountered some unexpected hardships. Here's a look at some scary, tricky, and grueling sacrifices actors had to make for Game of Thrones.

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Struggling for a shower | 0:19
Bloody awful | 1:05
Smokin' Jerome | 1:49
Suffocatin' Snow | 2:39
Ramsay Bolton's punchable face | 3:26
An actual freaking bear | 4:29
Dying can be difficult | 5:26
The Walk of shame | 6:34
Kit Harington's tangled web | 7:31
Pretend blindness, actual discomfort | 8:40
Alfie Allen's torture scenes | 9:41
Crawling death | 10:38