Vietnam Airforce Survival Rations & Pilots Kit MRE Review US 1969 Abandon Aircraft Food Packet
Hey everyone! In this video, we check out two different generations of fascinating Pilot's Survival Kits and a full review on Vietnam Era Pilot's Survival Rations! The Food Packet Survival Abandon Aircraft was sent in by an awesome fellow Youtuber named tarstakars. Thank you so so much man! This was an incredible experience.
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Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Aircraft. (SAC PAC) (Ration, Special, Survival). Obsolete.
This food packet was intended for escape and evasion activities after evacuation of long range aircraft and was used in training by the Air Force Survival School. Developed at the request of the Strategic Air Command in 1950, it consisted of the highly concentrated {high fat, high protein, high caloric) food bars SAC stipulated, providing about 3475 calories in the two metal cans that constituted each packet. The packet weighed 34 ounces and occupied a volume of 71.3 cubic inches. Despite its nomenclature, this item was not strictly a survival ration, and its composition made it unsuitable for consumption when drinking water was limited. As one of its major components, meat food product bars, had been produced by only one manufacturer, procurement became virtually impossible when the manufactuer altered his equipment in the 1970's. Procurement authorization was discontinued in 1977.
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