How To Solve A Rubik's Cube?!?! | Easiest Tutorial | Very in depth | HD

This is how I learnt to solve the infamous cube and I now get average times of 24 secs. It's a great layer by layer beginners method that is a great platform for learning a speedcubing method such as CFOP/Fridrich method . I promise that this tutorial is one of the clearest on youtube and after this you will be able to solve the cube every time. Please comment below what you thought and if you want to learn more cubing related things I will be uploading fairly regularly so please subscribe.

Cubing website:

Step 1 - The white cross 2:50

Step 2 - White Corners 7:45

Step 3 - Edges/sides 13:00

Step 4 - Yellow Cross 17:25

Step 5 - Yellow corners 19:13

Step 6 - Headlights 21:40

Step 7 - Middle last edge pieces 22:48