Glidecam Training Vol. 1...The Basic

In the new webseries in cooperation with Glidecam USA, Stefan shows the basic movements with the handheld stabilizer from Glidecam.
The right grip, the first "walk the line" and the basic tips for a good start.

Hey my friends once again, we all need to bend our knees to walk but not to crouch!
Stand up straight relax and walk as usual with slight bends in the knees that occur when walking upright :-))

Next Episode:
Glidecam Training Vol. 2. The Circle Up and Down
In this episode you we get some tips for circle around a object, and how to go up and down.
A bouns: regards to the first episode, we come back to the "never ever bend your knees", and show some good exercises.

Glidecam Training Vol. 3. The focal length
In this episode you will get some tips for the focal lengh what makes sense to use on a Glidecam system.

Glidecam Training Vol. 4. slow is smooth and smooth is king
Slow is smooth and smooth is king. Expand you skills with slowing down you speed and get a feeling for great shots.

Glidecam Training Vol. 5. Focus on the Focus
To keep the focus when you move the camera is not as easy as it sounds. We take a look on the things that have influence of the focus.

Glidecam Training Vol.6 balancing in 5min. ...ok, say 2min.

Glidecam Training Vol.7. Smooth Shooter and X10
In episodes 7, we will show the vest and arm support systems from Glidecam.

Thanks to Robert "Pixeldieb" Bogs for the camerawork.