Superman The Movie Restoration Scene 6 Landing and Fixing a Flat

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Superman-The Movie first premiered in over 500 U.S. theaters on December 15, 1978, with a running time of 144 minutes. Since that time, different editions have been released on home video and television with various running times, the longest "official" release to consumers being the expanded 152-minute Special Edition DVD in 2001. This restoration project-- officially entitled, Superman-The Movie: Restored International Cut, hopes to combine all of the available extended footage from the different television cuts from around the world to make the longest running, uninterrupted "definitive" cut. Register at the message board and visit the thread called "Superman The Movie Restoration" for all of the details. The material featured in Superman-The Movie: Restored International Cut is in no way meant to infringe on any motion picture copyright laws, but is solely meant as a dedication to the work featured in the film and its creators. Superman-The Movie: Restored International Cut will not be for sale on-line or at any convention, and is NOT meant to be used for profit-making purposes in any way, shape or form, and should not be used as such. No Blu-ray DVDs will be created from this project. For more information visit