Celeb Careers That Ended In 2018 Due To An Idiot Mistake

Despite their immense popularity, some of your favorite stars, including Hollywood actors, chart-topping musicians, and hilarious comedians, are far from invincible. 2018 saw the careers of some of Hollywood's heaviest hitters blow up to smithereens, usually due to the person's own actions. The rise of addressing social issues, the MeToo and Time's Up movements, and the gravitation towards making things more just and politically correct have left some stars being unable to change with the times. And unfortunately, the times are going to change without them. Let the moral of this video sink in: be careful what you say in public, whether it's in an interview or on social media.

As the Internet is becoming a highway for progression, there are some celebrities whose pasts weren't able to break free from the rearview mirror. To the dismay of fans, most of these stars have done irreparable damage to their careers. While some people might not care about political correctness and the other issues at hand, the employers and studios involved with a number of these celebrities do, which resulted in a number of their careers hitting brick walls for some absolutely poor choices in judgment. Whether it's Sean Penn's attempt to dive into literature, Woody Allen's past catching up with him, some famous singers cheating, or even setbacks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, let's take a look at some celebrities who probably won't be bouncing back from 2018.

Gunn fired | 0:19
"Sweet Christmas" | 1:22
Cheaters never win | 2:20
The Fall of Minaj | 3:06
Mo'Nique can't negotiate | 4:08
"Repellent and stupid" | 5:34
T.J. Miller isn't making friends | 6:22
"Something Special" from Fergie | 7:37
A beef with a beefcake | 8:39
Woody may finally be out | 9:27
Tweeting away a career | 11:03