Huawei P30 Pro vs. Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung's top Galaxy S10 Plus phone is a battery and screen beast, but it's feeling the heat from Huawei. The world's second-largest phone brand wants to take Samsung's crown and thinks the P30 Pro's four rear cameras will do the job. Here's how the phones stack up.

Huawei P30 Pro vs. Galaxy S10 Plus: For now, a close race for top Android phone:
Huawei P30 Pro camera tops Galaxy S10 Plus pictures two ways in our early tests:
Huawei P30 Pro is a four-camera beast gunning for the Galaxy S10 Plus:
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review:

Huawei P30 Pro first look:
Huawei P30 Pro camera test:

Galaxy S10 Plus review: It's an everything phone:
Cracking Open the Galaxy S10 Plus:
Galaxy S10 Plus' best new camera features:

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