Exposing "Fake YouTube Gurus" and the business of Selling Courses

In the age of YouTube, selling information can be one of the most profitable things someone can EVER do. But there are a few distinctions between legitimate information and “Fake Gurus” - and it’s this. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram/Snapchat: GPStephan

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“If you’re so good at something, why bother teaching people how to do it?” And as much as people don’t want to hear, the reality is that oftentimes - there’s more money in teaching than doing for the simple fact that teaching is widely scaleable. This isn’t a new, revolutionary concept by any means - this has been around forever. But is it reasonable to charge someone to learn something when most of what you need is pretty much available online for free? And I’ll openly admit, I was originally the type that fell into that category - I was, at first, vehemently against selling anything.

The distinction I wasn’t aware of before I started selling ANYTHING was that selling information didn’t need to be a win-lose transaction. It’s the misinterpretation that it’s okay if you provide as much free value as you can because that’s the right thing to do, but as soon as you begin making any money from it - it’s not okay, and it somehow it becomes a win-lose scenario where the customer loses at your gain. And while this CAN be true in some circumstances, often times the reality is much less black and white.

When you think of selling information in the terms of the customer getting more than what they paid for…when you place the CUSTOMER’S EXPERIENCE first as a priority, when you charge a reasonable price where the person paying gets MORE value than what what I get in return from them…the economies of scale means I can get a LOT of happy people paying small amounts, and the overall benefit to ME becomes larger at the same time - and it becomes a win-win scenario.

From what I’ve seen, the difference between “fly-by-night snake oil salesmen” and legitimately helpful programs is the customer experience. Is the business or program designed around the CUSTOMER’S EXPERIENCE FIRST, money second? Is it crafted so that customers get MORE than what they pay for? Is the business designed around being a quick money grab, or is the business designed around repeat, happy customers that keep coming back and referring more people over because THEY got more than they paid for? THAT is the right way to sell information.

But, just like ANY business, there will be unscrupulous people that understand this business model and exploit it for profit - and this is, I believe, the problem. It’s the people who carefully and falsely craft their image around what sells, then they pop up to immediately sell a program or course, regardless of whether or not they’re actually qualified. And it’s THIS that gives everyone else the negative connotation of being a “Scam” anytime they decide to sell information, whether or not it’s justified. And it’s unavoidable. You will always have people who purposely seek and target vulnerabilities for their own gain until the end of time. And this is what think we all need to acknowledge, and it’s THIS that makes people skeptical in the first place - not necessarily the sale of information itself.

So the next time you see someone pitching a product, or a coaching course, or you go through a sales funnel - oftentimes, it’s not a “scam.” And there’s nothing inherently wrong with the desire to monetize content. While there are plenty of unscrupulous people out there happy to take your money, the blunt reality is that’s just life.

in order to do well selling information LONG TERM, or selling anything for that matter, you really need to study what people NEED, what their PROBLEMS ARE, how you can SOLVE those problems…and think of what THEIR experience will be FIRST. After you’ve done ALL of that, and after you have a satisfied audience, can you even THINK about monetizing and RECEIVING in return. And that’s often the difference of those going into it purely to extract as much value as fast as possible at someone else’s loss, and those who profit from the scalability of win-win transactions.

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